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The Color of Power

Some cities -- such as Chicago -- have power structures that give local officials veto power over the siting of affordable housing. This arrangement maintains racial segregation of residential housing. In their new Clearinghouse article, Kate Walz and Patricia Fron explain how these power dynamics work and what advocates can do to disrupt the structures that maintain racial segregation in housing. Read more.

Kate and Patricia will take your questions on this topic in the next Advocacy Exchange, Wednesday, October 24 at 1:00 EDT/10:00 PDT. Learn more and register.

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The Color of Power

How Local Control over the Siting of Affordable Housing Shapes America

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The Witness Episode 6: The Future of the Legal Services Movement

Ann Pruitt & Stewart Clifton, Russ Overby & Chris Coleman, Kathryn Ellis & David Yoder

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Advocacy Exchange

Fighting Wage Theft with the Witness in Your Pocket

with Michael Hollander and Nate Vogel

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Community Lawyering for Environmental Health in Schools

Eliminating PCBs in New York City

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Ensuring Fair Housing for People with Criminal Records

A Conversation with HUD

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